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A High Quality and Creative Storage Solution

Quality Materials

Only the highest quality woods and hardware are used to build each chest. You won’t find wood this perfect at your local lumber supplier!

Durable Build

Construction features a rock solid tongue and groove system that will survive a lifetime of play. We built the Makers Chest to last for generations.

Abundant Storage

Finally a place to put all that stuff and keep it organized. Features 6 removable trays with up to 18 compartments and a huge build platform for displaying your creations.

What Makes the Maker’s Chest Unique?

Maker’s Chest was conceptualized and prototyped by an 8-year old that loves Legos® and wanted a better way to organize his collection.

Meet the Creator

Why is Maker’s Chest Your Best Option for Storage?

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Heirloom Construction

Legos® are passed down from generation to generation, and so too is the Maker's Chest. Nothing beats precision tongue and groove construction. Each chest part is machined for a tight friction fit and finish. Also noteworthy is the industrial T-molded edge banding that will not peel or crack over time. The Maker's Chest is designed to take abuse from any angle. Quality USA construction means the Maker's Chest will be a part of your family for decades.

High Quaity Materials

We use only the best quality woods that are not available through mass merchant retail chains. There is no particle board or mdf with laminate here. What does this mean? You can kick it, stand on it, beat it up and it will never fall apart. It’s built right here in the USA by our family business! A maker does his or her best on projects. The time and materials used building each chest is a reflection of that spirit

Removable Trays

Each chest features 6 removable trays that can be removed and set on the floor for sorting and selecting a Maker’s desired parts. Each tray features two removable dividers that allow further part or toy separation. The trays are finely detailed with graphics on the front and remove with a clever finger slot. The trays discreetly nest inside the chest without any unsightly pull handles.

Lift Assist Lid

Two gas lifters are activated by turning a clever magnetic latch. This opens the lid and keeps it upright during play. No need to worry about slammed fingers!

Large Build Area

The platform above the storage trays is approximately 36” x 18" of buildable space where Makers can play and store their creations.

UV Coating and Print

The woodgrain is quite beautiful and permanently captured by the protective UV coating on all of the parts, including the interior. The unique voxel artwork on the chest is achieved using a time intensive UV digital printer that stains the wood.

Figure Showcase

Makers with an extensive collection of Minifigures will appreciate the Figure Showcase, which holds up to 132 figures. The showcase conveniently attaches to the underside of the chest lid or can remove from the chest to hang on a wall. Have more than 132 figures? No problem! The showcase is available as a separate item. Sold with and without Lego® compatible bases. Also sold separately! Get Your Figure Showcase Now!

Magnetic Latch

With a slight touch, the magnetic latch pivots to release the pistons that slowly raise the lid of the Maker’s Chest. The sound and feel that is created from opening the Maker’s Chest is very similar to that of a chest in Minecraft® the game.
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What People Are Saying

Robert Lewis

It’s a beautiful piece of furniture and best of all I’m not stepping on Legos when I go into (my son’s) room. Wish I had this when I was growing up!

Megan Brown

I had no idea we had this many minifigures, they look awesome on display and it saves time finding which ones to play with!

Chuck Hapney

We liked that it encouraged our daughter to put her stuff away. It’s the most organized part of her room and she was actually excited to set it up.

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